Euphoria 2017 Wrap-Up

Euphoria 2017 Wrap-Up


You’ve probably run into more than a few articles about what an amazing city Austin is, and with good reason. But at the heart of the city is a love for music, culture and pride that comes with living in the “Live Music Capital of the World.” Austin is no stranger to festivals; ACL and SXSW continue to draw in colossal numbers but if you look closer, you’ll see a more intimate yet just as beloved festival engulfing a crowd of free spirited fans.

Euphoria Music Festival prides itself on being about more than just the music and it doesn’t take long to get swept up in the community and positive vibe. For the past six years, the festival has been hosted at Carson Creek Ranch and the sprawling property along the Colorado River is the perfect setting to an amazing weekend.

Costumes, hula hoops and lounging are all part of what makes this festival epic.

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This year’s lineup focused on its love for EDM, bringing in favorites such as Pretty Lights, Knife Party, Zed’s Dead, Chet Porter and Moby – but it also rounded out with R&B/ rap artists Wiz Khalifa, and Post Malone.

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Euphoria Music Festival 2017 was nothing short of amazing with an overall consensus that this is a life changing, one-of-a-kind festival where people intentionally and involuntarily lose themselves. It leaves an impression; whether you’re a long-time EDM fan or new to the scene, it is everything you want it to be, and so much more.

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