6 Notable Rooftops & Patios of South Lamar

6 Notable Rooftops & Patios of South Lamar

Odd Duck

Known for its excellence in sourcing the best from our local farms, Odd Duck puts to use the snout to tail method in the kitchen and at the bar serving up rustic elegance that identifies fresh, inventive, and malleable menus.

Outdoors: A small patio is drawn around the exterior space surrounding the floor to ceiling windows at Odd Duck. The summer sun will allow you the greatest hours of sunlight on this North and Easterly facing patio where you can enjoy the full food and cocktail menus. Outside you will dine amongst vine filled lattice, and beds fragrant with herbs used in your culinary feast. Grab a bottle of crisp white wine, or a seasonal favorite such as Listel paired with Rye toast, shrimp and avocado salad, radish, and mustard seed.

Gibson Street Bar

Hands down, one of my favorite bars to soak up sunshine, and enjoy a crazy affordable split of wine. Other notable amenities of this local fave are 16 rotating draughts, and over 60 styles in bottles and cans. Gibson hosts the long running Mustache Mondays, before Mustaches were cool… or were they? On Monday’s from 7pm-close you can score $3 Makers Mark, and it’s suggested to BYOM.

Outdoors: By optimizing limited space, the Gibson positioned their wrap-around patio atop a small lot at the back of the bar. Guiding patrons in a natural progression of drink & eat, the patio points you toward Luke’s Inside Out, which has had a long standing food relationship with their dignified neighbors.

Red’s Porch

Couches indoors, washers and a swanky trailer outdoors briefly sums up Red’s Porch. If this tickles your fancy, you are now part of the bigger picture at Red’s, which means neighborhood, family, dogs, bikes and Airstreams welcome, you’re home. The entire experience including the food just screams authentic and Texan. You can order up seriously stacked burgers, Tex-Mex, Chicken Fried Steak, or my old standby Buttermilk Cheddar Biscuits served with bacon gravy.

Outdoors: You get the best of both a patio and a rooftop at Red’s where their ground floor patio is great for dogs, and the upstairs is decked out with Texas sized fans, mist sprayers, televisions, and a view of wide open space.

Gourdough’s Public House

It’s safe to say that delectable fried dough is the foundation for nearly everything served on a plate at Gourdough’s Public House, and I have the fragrant donut perfume to prove it. It’s a beautiful thing to eat an Angus beef burger off of a donut. When it’s topped with bacon, a fried egg, cheese, guacamole, and other accoutrement, you have outdone yourself and you can call it a Ron Burgandy. That is how the Gourdough’s menu is written and served, so come hungry and plan to share with friends.

Outdoors: You may be surprised with the unexpected serenity of Gourdough’s backyard. Its privacy fence creates the feeling that you are in a friend’s backyard, chatting around the fire pit and watching the game on television. Picnic table and courtyard style seating offer options for full dining, or simply enjoying a cocktail and my favorite dessert donut, the Black Betty.

Black Sheep Lodge

Yes, Black Sheep (BSL) has an enormous amount of seating indoors, and will fill up just as quickly as the outdoor seating. Surrounded by televisions with sports of all sorts, not just the mainstream, and BLS is known for its participation in EPL viewing at all hours of the day. Kitchen cuisine at BSL is bar food through and through. And with that said, it is not only some of my favorite pub food in town but I also can’t get enough of the Keith’s Corn Dog Bites with a side of Tater Tots (which I regret to inform you, are not available at their sister shop, The Haymaker).

Outdoors: This patio is nestled in a virtual vortex of one of the most congested intersections on South Lamar, and is possibly a little cooler because of that. When the patio is full, people in the passing traffic, and patio patrons become one with the fun. BSL is known to host a multitude of outdoor, neighborhood focused events which often occupy the patio and the adjoining parking lot.


It’s a little bit of Mad Men meets Austinite all in one sleek little neighborhood cocktail bar. The cocktail is king at Backbeat, and rightfully so. Fashionable and finely designed, each cocktail leaves the bar top with a composed palate, and stylized color profile to deliver a flawless sip. The kitchen serves small but shareable accompaniments to their cocktails, wine and beer.

Outdoors: A streamlined staircase, leads you to a modernized rooftop patio overlooking the growing neighborhood.  Add craft cocktails, listen for the backbeat, and enjoy the South Lamar sunshine on this district’s most northerly rooftop patio.

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